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Sickness is inevitabe..
                          ..Suffering is Optional



Greetings, I  am Richard Henderson and I have been practicing Chinese Medicine for over 20 years. My Dad was a GP in Gore and Invercargill and my mother a midwife so I initially followed their lead  learning Western medicine at Otago University in Dunedin. However while studying I questioned as to why is it that there are only pharmaceuticals and surgery available for the diseases people suffer from? Surely diet, herbs and good exercise are important in the treatment of sickness?

And so with degrees in Physiology and Philosophy I began my journey as a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) studying both in New Zealand and China. After nine years of study I thought it was time to set up my practice in Wellington in 2001.  Recently I have been working in Vanuatu where I  have honed my skills in a remote tropical environment as well as learning  from the local practitioners

But like many others Covid has meant I am now stuck in New Zealand and so I have decided that returning south to Queenstown is the best place to be in Aotearoa.

If you are new to this type  of healthcare I recommend you start with the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

I look forward to sharing new knowledge gained as well as offering treatments for those in need. I particularly thrive on difficult to treat conditions such as auto-immune diseases, gynaecological/infertility,  cancer, skin conditions and others that do not respond well to mainstream medicine .

Nga mihi

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu , Ancient Taoist Master, 5000 BC




Used by human beings for over 500 years acupuncture in now well known in the west and in the hands of well trained physicians can be used to resolve many ailments from headaches to infertility. Fine pre-sterilised needles are always used. More details are available here



Before we start any treatment you need to come in for an initial assessment. This takes about  60 mins (including treatment time). You are given a full examination including your tongue being examined and your pulse taken. Then a differential diagnosis is made and a treatment plan agreed apon in order to resolve you issue in the best way possible.  FAQ here




Qi Gong roughly translates as 'energy work'. People in the west have often heard of 'Reiki' which is a Japanese form of Qi Gong. It is often used to treat difficult conditions and those with a phobia of needles. It takes many years to become a quality practitioner but many patients prefer this style of treatment for deep healing. 


For thousands of years humans have used medicines found in nature. In recent times much clinical research has also been done. About a quarter of the medicines your GP uses initially came from herbs. Today we prescribe  safe and effective medicine suitable for treating many different conditions. Detailed information here


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