If you have had an accident in New Zealand you can receive subsidised treatment  as result of that accident. Each individual episode is allocated a claim number and also a read code which is the diagnosis or the issue.

Acupuncturists are not able to assign a claim number and read code. This is normally done by a GP or a Physiotherapist. So after you are first injured you need to visit one of these providers. Once you have had your claim accepted by ACC you will be able to get 12 or more treatment that are at the subsidised rate.

If it has been a while since your initial injury you will need to check that it is still active before we can commence an acupuncture treatment.

You can call ACC on this number –
0800 101 996.


Or maybe try emailing them  Have your claim no. ready.

If ACC does not approve your treatment you will have to pay the normal consultation fee.


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