The power of Chinese Medicine can also be used to delay the external signs of ageing and treat skin conditions. Chinese cosmetology is a specialist branch of Chinese Medicine that primarily treats the skin by improving the internal health of the patient. Things like removing excessive dampness, heat or toxins from the body as well as improving the flow of Qi and blood to the skin will have a dramatic effect on the skin. This is often coupled with external herbal treatments  to provide intense nutrition and toning for optimum skin.


Cosmetic acupuncture is a powerful and natural treatment for anti-ageing, skin rejuvenation and addressing any specific skin conditions. It works by invigorating Qi and blood flow to the skin as well as treating internal conditions which may be leading to aged, aggravated or dull looking skin. Before any treatment  Richard provides a personalised medical skincare consultation.

Dramatically boost

- skin nutrition



- hydration of skin, making the face look refreshed.

- Increase cell & collagen regeneration for renewed complexion & skin elasticity.

- Rejuvenate skin tone, restoring a lustrous glow to the face.

- Reduce crows feet, minimize fine lines & wrinkles

Firm and uplift

- sagging skin.

- Help clear dark circles and puffy eyes.