OK I want to join a ceremony !!

Ideally everybody should come for 3 day ceremonies. This or longer is common in South America. Unfortunately people find it hard to get away and so I do offer 2 day and 1 day ceremonies that are more common. People still benefit hugely from these in my experince. If you can possibly make a 3 day ceremony then I highly recommend it as you will benefit the most from this.

The second thing to think about is what level would you like? This depends both on the intention of your journey plus your previous experiences level. Often the level increases in the multi day ceremonies. The decision on what level ceremony is appropriate for you will be a decision made between the the both of us…

Although one - on - one ceremonies are possible I try to avoid them. This is for two reasons, firstly they will cost you more as it is only one person paying for my time. They are also not as effective as we find many for opportunities for growth in a group setting.

Couples ceremonies are possible.. but a group of couples also works better, esp when we focus on ‘couple growth’.

If you can get a group of friends together and then contact me to arrange a time that works for your group is something that works really well.

If you are solo they are dates you can join in below. You will need to bring overnight camping gear, All food is provided.

Through winter I am keeping the groups small (max 6) due to safety reasons. However we do go to a great hut with a open fire place!

It’s called Boar Inn in the Orongorongo valley, on the outskirts of Wellington. Currently there are two ceremonies that have available spaces.

Sat Aug 22nd 11am – Sun 23rd Aug 11am 2020  -  Overnight - level 2 experience

Sat Sept 5th 11am – Sun Sept 6th 11am 2020 - Overnight - level 2 experience

Cost is $144 pp

50$ deposit to book your place - balance paid 7 days before date

bank account details here


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