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Legal Stuff

Firstly if I get locked up then I will not be able to help anybody so the plan is to make sure I don’t get locked up. There is no intention to break any laws and as far as I know there is no law breaking done by me. The intention is help people by guiding through healing plant ceremonies.

In the brew the main ingredient is the MAOI. Pretty much every brew whether it’s kava or Aotea-usca like has some kind of MAOI in it . This is important for the therapeutic effect in my opinion, and why we are not just dosing with straight drug/chemicals (even if it was legal). However there are plants and fungi used in the brews that might have - in low doses - things like psilocybin or DMT in them. These are present in their natural forms combined with the maois in the cell walls and so cannot be separated. Second if you were able at huge expense to analyze a brew you would also find that the levels of psilocybin or DMT or whatever would be lower than the threshold known to affect a human being. Therefore it would hard to prove that whoever consumed the brew consumed that substance for that effect. Herbals brews and herbal maois are all perfectly legal. As is ceremony and placebo. Preparations in which prohibited drugs are knowingly produced in levels to effect humans are never made.

The police have focused on harm in the last few years and so magic mushrooms and the like have not had much attention at all. They have realised that they are much less harmful than alcohol or methamphetime and so I expect the police will support the health and healing these ceremonies provide. After all many of their members are benefiting from them as well, the following story for example.

Using MDMA to cure PTSD: How a revolutionary ecstasy trial saved the life of a former police officer traumatised by the Port Arthur massacre

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