On this page you can find some interesting and educational movies. I have provided a link to where you can watch or buy the movie, however you are welcome to torrent or source the movie yourself. Please inform me of outdated or broken links.

Forks over Knives (2011)

Recent studies estimate that about 70-80% of all disease can be attributed to diet. This movies presents some off the research in this area and helps explode some modern myths. They miss out the benefits of fish and are a little northern hemisphere focused but the movie certainly explains why we need to eat fruit and vegetables. 



Presented by Professor Kathy Sykes this is a classic BBC style documentary investigating acupuncture. They only look at the research in the English language but nonetheless it presents a good update of where the science is at and also explains a lot of what is currently known. Make sure you do not miss the part where acupuncture is given instead of anaesthetic for operations! 


For those who find it hard to eliminate fast food from their diet this movie gives you the motivation to do so. It really shows how  processed and poor quality food can have really detrimental effects on our health. It is also very funny and entertaining. The interesting thing is how surprised the doctors were!!

In our western society we are losing control of our food and diet. This movie examines all kinds of issues in relation to our food, diet and health.


In western societies, information is power. This movie examines the relationships between the medical and the food industries and how they work together to create profits to the detriment of people's health. Watch  it and learn why there are so many confusing health messages out there these days!


If you really want to get your head around quantum physics based medicine and how the future will unfold then this is the movie for you. It really does explain how it works and how we operate in clinic. Of all the movies on this page, this one has the most information in it and really helps those who want to get their head around what 'energy medicine' really is.


"Origins" takes a journey through the biological roots of where we have come from and where we have gone. Using fire as a metaphor for technology, the film looks at the advances of our civilization and how the recklessness of unchecked technology is now choking out the environment and poisoning our bodies. Presented by one of my colleagues it explains how to make sure you don't end up like 'the rest'. 


All around the western world cannabis is being legalised and made available as a medicine. However there is still much information and confusion out there. Even if you think you are an expert on this matter I am sure you will learn something and get up to date.


No movie page is complete without a love story. This is a movie made in Vanuatu that was nominated for an academy award. It is here so you can get an idea of what my life in Vanuatu was like and also because a love story is always healing!