What happens during a ceremony?

Every ceremony is unique. However there is some common things that happen so let us run through maybe an ‘average’ ceremony. Many things I keep for the day because that makes them work better but the following is a what an average 24hr period looks like.

This is a one night ceremony and is a level 2 experience.


  • At 12pm everybody met at the carpark at the end of the road. An initial meet and greet ceremony was held and the first task assigned


  • It took 1 hour to walk to the hut and everybody gets a chance to talk to each other on the way in.


  • Quick check/arrival at the hut 

  • intentions ceremony where everybody shares their intentions and some group intentions are created


  • Time for home set up and environment explore on own (free time) (maybe even gather herbs ;)

  • Around 4pm  First ceremony - kava

  • 10 mins guided meditation..

  • 430pm second ceremony main brew.. first shell.

  • Maybe 2nd shell 20mins later…

  • 6pm – 9pm most of journey time

  • 9pm de-brief and regroup ceremony and dinner (often dhal)

  • 10pm lights out

    Next day

  • 8am - breakfast

  • morning group gathering/reintegration..

  • walk out

  • 1030am closing ceremony in bush

  • 11am arrive back at car park